Lake Puketirini (Weavers Lakes) 

General Information

Weavers Lake is a former open cast coal mine that has gradually been flooded since 1993 with the intention of creating a recreational lake. Currently the water quality parameters meet the guidelines for swimming and recreation. During a one year study on Weavers Lake the hypolimnion remained anoxic as the lake never mixed (Balvert, 2006). Weavers Lake was determined to be mesotrophic based on phosphorus concentrations in both the inflows and the lake itself. Weavers Lake is thought to be phosphorus limited, with an N:P ratio of 27:1 (Balvert, 2006).

Weavers Lake Statistics

Area54 ha
Maximum depth64 m
Trophic stateMesotrophic
Restoration progressRubble weir to control water levels, catchment planting underway
Peat influenceNone
Reserve statusSolid Energy is setting Weavers lake up as a recreational reserve. No boating access at present.
Submerged vegetationNone
Harmful algae 
Invasive fishKoi carp




Balvert, S. (2006). Limnological Characteristics and Zooplankton Dynamics of a Newly Filled Mine Lake. MSc Thesis, University of Waikato.