Lake Rotoehu

General information

Lake Rotoehu has a series of arms at its northern end and geothermal springs exist on the south east shore. No surface outlet for the lake exists, however an exit exists along the shoreline of one of the northern arms (EBOP, 2000).

The quality of the lake deteriorated significantly in 1994 and has since remained stable (Gibbons-Davies, 2003). It is possible that the south west section of the lake may receive direct thermal input (EBOP, 2000).

Runoff to surface waters and soakage to groundwater from pastoral land use may impact the quality of the lake. The existing and future rural developments may therefore adversely affect the water quality of Lake Rotoehu.

Water quality:poor
Max Depth:13.5 m
Catchment % pasture:39.9%
Catchment % urban:0.0%

Available Data

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