Lake Tarawera

General information

Lake Tarawera with Mount Tarawera in the background. Photo taken by Wendy Paul.

Lake Tarawera is a large, deep lake located in the South West of the Haroharo Caldera. Geothermal springs enter the lake on both the southern and northern shores (EBOP, 2000).

Both surface and subsurface flows connect Lake Tarawera with other Rotorua Lakes. Lake Rotokakahi Drains into the lake via the Te Wairoa Stream, while Lake Okareka does so via the Waitangi Spring. During high lake levels, artificial overflow from Lake Rotomahana also flows into Lake Tarawera. It is believed that the lake receives subsurface flows from lakes Tikitapu, Okataina and Rotomahana (EBOP, 2000).

Issues concerning the lake include the impact of future and existing urban development. Water quality may be affected by septic tank discharges, while the alteration of the natural environment may effect the land values of the community (EBOP, 2000).

Water quality:Good
Max Depth:87.5m
Catchment % pasture:21.1%
Catchment % urban:0.7%

Available Data

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