Lake Rotomahana

General information

Lake Rotomahana was enlarged during the eruption of Mt Tarawera during 1886. It is now positioned over two former lakes, one of which was an active geothermal centre. As a result the lake is strongly influenced by geothermal sources (Gibbons-Davies, 2003).

Water enters the lake through a stream from Lake Okaro, while subsurface seepage appears to drain the lake and flow towards Lake Tarawera (EBOP, 2000). There are no surface outflows from the lake.

The impact of future and existing rural development on water quality of the lake is an issue concerning the lake. Soakage to groundwater and run-off to surface waters due to pastoral land use as well as septic tank discharges may adversely affect the lake.

Lake Rotomahana. Photo taken by Ilia Ostrovsky.
Water quality:Good
Max Depth:125m
Catchment % pasture:41.4%
Catchment % urban:0.0%

Available Data

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