Lake Rerewhakaaitu

General information

Lake Rerewhakaaitu is located at the base of the southern slopes of Mt Tarawera, with average depths between 12m and 15m. Strong winds mix the water column causing the lake to be well mixed for the majority of the year (Burns, 2000).

Surface outflows occur only during high lake levels via drains to Mangaharakeke stream, a tributary of the Rangitaiki River. The impacts of existing and future rural developments are concerns as surface water run-off and groundwater seepage from pastoral land uses may be adversley affecting the water quality of the lake (EBOP, 2000).

Lake Rerewhakaaitu. Photo: Dudley Bell
Water quality:Stable
Max Depth:15m
Catchment % pasture:76.7%
Catchment % urban:0.0%

Available Data

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