Lake Okataina

General information

Lake Okataina taken from Otangimoana Bay. Photo taken by Wendy Paul.

Lake Okataina is a deep, oligotrophic lake (Deely, 1995) and was formed approximately 7000 years ago. Geothermal springs exist on the eastern shore of the lake. Lake Okataina has no surface outlet and consequent water level fluctuations. This fluctuation can influence the quality of the lake (Gibbons-Davies, 2003).

Issues concerning the lake and its catchment include those of pests and future development. Pests are threatenning the indigenous plants and animals within the catchment while trout are impacting the native water ecosystems of the lake (EPOB, 2000).

Water quality:High but variable
Nth Basin Max Depth:65 m
Catchment % pasture:9.6%
Catchment % urban:0%

Available Data

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Lake Okataina Ion results(PDF)

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