Lake Okaro

General information

Lake Okaro is a small crater located 2 km north of Rainbow Mountain. A small stream enters the lake from the North West, while the Haumi stream Drains the lake from the south east. The Haumi stream then joins the Waimangu Thermal Valley stream which then enters Lake Rotomahana.

Lake Okaro is the most eutrophic of all the Rotorua Lakes. The sources of the high nutrient levels are believed to be the geothermal activity, remobilisation from the bottom sediments as well as inputs from farmland.

The issues concerning the lake include the impacts of rural development. Surface water runoff and seepage to ground water from pastoral land uses as well as septic tank discharges may be adversely affecting the water quality of the lake.

Lake Okaro taken from Rainbow Mountain. Photo taken by Deniz Ozkundakci.
Water quality:Poor
Max Depth:18m
Catchment % pasture:95.7%
Catchment % urban:0.0%

Available Data

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