Catch a Carp

Catch a Carp, a free and easy to use app, helps capture important information on carp so better control measures can be put in place. The project, which started as a Summer Research Scholarship with a current University student, grew into a now developed app that anyone can use. The purpose of the app is to provide accurate and timely data from citizen scientists to allow for the optimal deployment of strategic resources. With each fish capable of producing 300,000-400,000 eggs per spawning and multiple spawning per year this species needs to be carefully managed to minimise the damage that they cause to the environment and to prevent their spread. With the help of waterway users, areas of high congestion can be targeted and spread can be measured, providing opportunities for dense aggregations of fish to be contained.

Catch a Carp is the work of computer scientists Dr Annika Hinze and Brian Cole and environmental scientist Associate Professor Kevin Collier from the University of Waikato, working in conjunction with Waikato Regional Council. Contact Kevin Collier or email tipple [at] for more information.

Download Catch a Carp free from Google play or the App Store. 


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