B3 and Data Standardizer

Automated collection of environmental monitoring data isbecoming increasingly commonplace. High-frequency datasets provide uniqueinsights into ecosystem dynamics, however, the quantity of data collected isoften at computational limits for existing software applications. Accurate andcomprehensive quality assurance and quality control are vital for effective andappropriate use of high-frequency datasets. LERNZ has developed standalone,open-source suite of software including B3, designed for the QA/QC ofhigh-frequency monitoring data. It is a more efficient alternative toenvironmental data processing in Microsoft ExcelTM, with anintuitive interface and lower 'barrier-to-entry' than more technical softwarepackages such as MATLABTM. A range of QA/QC tools are currentlyincluded in B3. Detailed site and sensor metadata are stored, includingcalibration points which can be used to correct for sensor drift. A range ofsensor-specific limits can be set and a variety of methods are provided forrapid error/outlier detection. Subsets of data can be transformed or deleted byselection within a visual plot. Selected data ranges can be mathematicallytransformed, and sensor drift between calibration points can be quickly andeasily back-corrected. Furthermore, B3 retains a full log of editing changesincluding user-input reasons for any changes, and modified data can be revertedto raw data at any time.

As well as B3, LERNZ has also devolved Data Standardizer,which takes raw field data from high frequency buoys and standardizes it into acommon matrix format. Data Standardizer then cleans the data by removing anyempty or waste lines and by bringing the header into a standard format. A rangeof formats are then available for export, including .txt for B3, .wtr, .wnd and.sal for Lake Analyser and the general format .csv. It also can aggregate datato a preferred time step, and outputs a Meta data file that can be directlyread in by B3 to provide all the site data necessary, as well as the sensor metadata including calibration details, brand, type etc.

User registration

Both B3 and Data Standardizer are free of charge. We request users to fill in forms, so that we can update users with new features.