University of Waikato, 03 - Sep - 2014

The joint LERNZ / DoC 1-day workshop on invasive fish management was held at the University of Waikato to bring together a range of organisations involved in invasive fish management and research. It covered organisational roles in management and incursion response, recent research findings on the efficacy of different control methods as well as ecological changes associated with introduced fish species, and some human dimensions associated with coarse fish management and spread. This talk was part of Session 2: Integrated monitoring tools.

List of the videos (Links to the youtube)

Organizational roles in management and incursion response - David Byers

Tools used by DOC to eradicate, control and monitor invasive fish - Dave West

Spread the Word to Stop the Spread - Helen McCaughan

Effects of rudd control in Lake Serpentine - Jen Price

Modelling water quality responses to fish removal - Mathew Allan

Department of Conservation perspective - Natasha Grainger

Ecological changes at Ohinewai following koi carp removal - Nick Ling

Waikato-Tainui River Raupatu Trust perspective - Nicholas Manukau

Ministry for Primary Industries - Steve Pullan

Biotic and abiotic responses of experimental ponds to the addition of carp - Steve Woods