Critical Step 1.3.4: Prioritising lakes and interventions for management action

Project team:

Lead: Kevin Collier

Project description:

Prioritisation for remediation of lakes that are degraded or at risk of degradation is critical to maximise the effectiveness of planned government investments. We will build on national-scale lake prioritisations to identify interventions required to achieve change in the top priority lakes based on current technologies. These will be tested using expert knowledge to identify the type and sequencing of interventions most likely to achieve management outcomes in priority lakes.

Links to other critical steps:

The prioritisation will build on data layers collated as part of CS1.1.2

Action partnerships:

  • Department of Conservation

  • Waikato Regional Council

Current work:

  • This critical step commenced in October 2017 and an approach is currently being developed in consultation with Action Partners.

Key sites:

All NZ lakes


Journal Publications

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Conference Presentations

  • Cho E, Hamilton DP, White P. 2017. Modelling evaluation and future management plan of water quality of Lake Rerewhakaaitu, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. The International Society for Ecological Modelling,  Ramada Plaza, Jeju, Korea, 17-31 September 2017. 

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