Critical Step 1.1.3: Geospatial platform to support mana whenua restoration of lakes

Project team: 

Lead: Maui Hudson

Project description:

The development of geospatial models integrating matauranga Maori and science and their visualisation on the geospatial platform will empower mana whenua in their role as kaitiaki. Spatially explicit matauranga will be synthesised alongside scientific data to inform monitoring and modelling exercises in support of Iwi Environmental Management. The work is being carried out in four stages: (i) developing rules, tools and approaches to modelling matauranga; (ii) visually representing matauranga-a-Iwi on a geospatial platform; (iii) providing an accessible ecological model that integrates matauranga Maori and science for modelling of future states arising from lake management actions; (iv) identifying indigenous approaches to dealing with the complexity of multiple sources of information sources. The development and use of iwi management plans, tohu, maturation of Maori monitoring tools, and articulation of Maori environmental logics and theories provide the foundation for the next development in Maori modelling tools to predict future lake states.

Links to other critical steps:

CS1.1.2 - This work provides the matauranga specific elements to the Takiwa Geospatial Platform which is visualising data for CS1.1.2.

CS1.2.4 - One of the key inputs for visualising matauranga are cultural health indicators. This work will provide a way of visualising cultural health indicators developed for lakes through CS1.2.4

Action partnerships:

  • Waiora Pacific / Muaupoko

Current work:

Key sites:

Lake Horowhenua



Conference Presentations

  • Hudson ML, Taitoko M, Ullrich T. 2017. Kaitiaki layers: visualising mM?tauranga m?ori and science. In Integrating Multiple Aquatic Values 2017. Oral presentation, 5th Biennial Symposium of the International Society for River Science: Integrating Multiple Aquatic Values. Hamilton, New Zealand. 19-24 November 2017.