Critical Step 1.2.4: Cultural indicators of lake health and resilience

Project team:   

Lead: Maui Hudson

Project description:

We will identify and test cultural health indicators with mana whenua in Lake Wairarapa based on key lake attributes such as water clarity. We also work with the multi-agency Wairarapa Moana Group through a value driven consultation process with local iwi to identify, define and develop a cultural health index for Lakes Wairarapa and Onoke.

Links to other critical steps:

This work links with CS1.1.3 on which a spatially explicit matauranga layer will be synthesised and showcased.

Action partnerships:

  • Greater Wellington Regional Council

  • Wairarapa Moana Coordinating Committee

Current work:

Key sites:

Lake Wairarapa


Identified a Maori masters student to complete a thesis

Scoped a community based project