Associate Professor Kevin Collier

Leader of IO2 and the Large Rivers Group

Kevin Collier is the leader of Intermediate Outcome 2 (IO2) on invasive fish management and also leads research in the large rivers group on river-floodplain ecology. He aims to provide information that enables effective ecological monitoring and management to underpin future restoration work. Current research projects include the effects of modified biotic composition on food-webs in floodplain lakes and determining environmental cues initiating invasive fish movement, both in association with Waikato Regional Council Kevin was senior editor of "The Waters of the Waikato: Ecology of New Zealand's longest river", a contemporary synthesis of ecological knowledge of the Waikato River below Taupo Gates, involving over 45 authors and jointly published by the regional council and the university. He is currently involved as an editor of handbooks on lake restoration and invasive fish management.

Kevin's other research interests include the restoration of urban streams, and the ecology of threatened freshwater mussels. He is on the Editorial Board of Freshwater Reviews, and is Associate Editor of Freshwater Science and Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems.

Research Publications
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