Dr. Grant Tempero

Research Officer

Research highlights:

Research and assessment of New Zealand pest fish populations and methods for their control and eradication.

Use of artificial destratification devices in Lake Rotoehu and their ecological effects.

Ecology, physiology and behavioural research of introduced mammalian predators, primarily stoats, ferrets and weasels, for the development of humane control systems.

Research on environmentally induced variation in rainbow trout haemoglobins.

Quantification of sediment and nutrient inputs to lakes from farm drains.

Previous Students

Toni Johnston - Assessment of Gee Minnow Trap and Collapsible Bait Trap Efficiency for Gambusia affinis in Natural and Artificial Environments.

Joshua De Villiers - Improvements in Trapping Efficiency of Gee Minnow Traps for Gambusia affinis.

Jonothan Rau - Incorporation of Fish Variables into LERNZdb.

Research Publication

email: gtempero [add at sign here] waikato.ac.nz