The 2019 LERNZ Lake Resilience Symposium will be held on the 29th of August at the University of Waikato's Performing Arts Centre. The symposium will summarise key findings from our MBIE funded Lakes Resilience research programme and look to new directions in lake research. Past symposia have drawn a diverse audience ranging from scientists and managers interested in lake research to community groups focused on lake restoration. Invitations to register will be sent out in the near future, and further updates will be available on this page in the near future.

Lake confetti: Lake colour as seen from space 

A team of LERNZ researchers led by Dr. Moritz Lehmann has published the first comprehensive assessment of lake water colour in New Zealand based on four years of satellite observations. The researchers found that New Zealand's lakes span close to the full global range of possible water colours; some lakes have a stable blue or yellow colour, while others show very strong variability related to seasonal and episodic events which may be driven by agriculture, forestry, invasive species and climate change. Further details can be found in the full press release, the LERNZ web page or the freely accessible journal article.

Monthly composite of the colour of 1486 lakes determined from satellite images. The colour is expressed as dominant wavelength, an intensification of the colour as perceived by the human eye.