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Issue 25

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Scientific papers and book chapters

Hamilton, D. P., McBride, C. G., Özkundakci, D. Schallenberg, M., Verburg, P., de Winton, M., Kelly, D, Hendy, C., and Ye, W., 2012. Climate Change and Inland Waters: Impacts and Mitigation for Ecosystems and Societies. Goldman, C. R., Kumagai, M. and Robarts, R. D. (Eds.).
ISBN: 978-1-1199-6866-5. Read abstract.

Oliver, R., Hamilton, D. P., Brookes, J. and Ganf, G. G., 2012. Physiology, blooms and prediction of planktonic cyanobacteria. In: Chapter 6, Ecology of Cyanobacteria II: Their Diversity in Space and Time. Whitton, Brian A. (Ed.). Springer, 760 pp. Read abstract.

Abell, J. M., Özkundakci, D., Hamilton, D. P and Jones, J. R. 2012. Latitudinal variation in nutrient stoichiometry and chlorophyll-nutrient relationships in lakes: A global study. Fundamental and Applied Limnology 181, 1-14. Read abstract.

Carraro, E., Guyennon, N., Hamilton, D., Valsecchi, L., Manfredi, E. C., Viviano, G., Salerno, F., Tartari, G. and Copetti, D. 2012. Coupling high-resolution measurements to a three-dimensional lake model to assess the spatial and temporal dynamics of the cyanobacterium Planktothrix rubescens in a medium-sized lake. Hydrobiologia DOI: 10.1007/s10750-012-1096-y. Read abstract.

Carey, C. C., Ibelings, B. W., Hoffmann, E. P., Hamilton, D. P. and Brookes, J. D. 2012. Eco-physiological adaptations that favour freshwater cyanobacteria in a changing climate. Water Research. 46 (5): 1394–1407. Read abstract.

Kara, E. L., Hanson, P., Hamilton, D. P., Hipsey, M. R., McMahon, K. D., Read, J. S., Winslow, L., Dedrick, J., Rose, K., Carey, C. C., Bertilsson, S., da Motta Marques, D., Beversdorf, L., Miller, T., Wu, C., Hsieh, Y.-F., Gaiser, E. and Kratz, T. 2012. Time-scale dependence in numerical simulations: Assessment of physical, chemical, and biological predictions in a stratified lake at temporal scales of hours to months. Environmental Modelling and Software 35: 104-121. Read abstract.

Paul, W. J., Hamilton, D. P., Ostrovsky, I., Miller, S. D., Zhang, A. and Muraoka, K. 2012. Catchment land use and trophic state impacts on phytoplankton composition: a case study from the Rotorua lakes’ district, New Zealand. Hydrobiologia (DOI) 10.1007/s10750-012-1147-4. Read abstract.

Wood, S. A., Dietrich, D. R., Cary, S. C. andHamilton, D. P. 2012. Increasing Microcystis cell abundance enhances microcystin synthesis: a mesocosm study. Inland Waters. 2: 17-22. Read abstract.

Hoellein, T. J., Bruesewitz, D. A. and Hamilton, D. P. 2012. Are geothermal streams important sites of nutrient uptake in an agricultural and urbanising landscape (Rotorua, New Zealand)? Freshwater Biology 57: 116-128. Read abstract.

Pearson, L. K. , Hendy, C. H., Hamilton, D. P., Silvester, W. B., 2012. Nitrogen-15 isotope enrichment in benthic boundary layer gases of a stratified eutrophic iron and manganese rich lake. Aquatic Geochemistry 18: 1-19. Read abstract.

Duggan, I.C. 2012. Urban planning provides potential for lake restoration through catchment re-vegetation. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 11: 95-99. Read abstract.

Duggan, I. C. and Eastwood, K. R. 2012. Detection and distribution of Craspedacusta sowerbii: Observations of medusae are not enough. Aquatic Invasions 7(2): 271-275. Read abstract.

Taylor, C. M. and Duggan, I. C. 2012. Can biotic resistance be utilized to reduce establishment rates of non-indigenous species in constructed waters? Biological Invasions 14:307-322. Read abstract.

Kleinteich J., Wood S. A., Küpper F. C. Camacho A., Quesada A., Frickey T., and Dietrich D. 2012. Temperature related changes in polar cyanobacterial mat diversity and toxin production. Nature Climate Change. 2: 356-360. Read abstract.


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PhD theses

Ashraf, S. 2011. Enhancing spatial resolution of remotely sensed data for mapping freshwater environments. PhD thesis, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Master theses

Ginders, M., 2011. Influence of connectivity on the functioning role of the natural and reconstructed side-arm in the Lower Waikato River. M.Sc. thesis, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Waikato.

Johnston, T. 2011. Comparison of riparian willows and riprap as habitat for fish and invertebrates in the Waikato River. M.Sc. thesis, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Waikato.

Kelly, C. 2011. Charophyte responses to herbicide and mycoherbicide technologies. M.Sc. thesis, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Waikato.

B Sc (Hons) dissertation

Muraoka, K., M., 2011. A modelling study of the physical dynamics of Lake Rotoiti, North Island, New Zealand. B.Sc. (Hons) dissertation, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Waikato.