Chenguang Zhang


Past MSc student

Chenguang Zhang has completed his Master's project co-supervised by Prof. David Hamilton and Dr. Liancong Luo. Chenguang's research focused on utilising high-frequency monitoring data in Lake Rotorua to characterise the dynamics of cyanobacteria blooms. He used temporal and spatial data collected from the Lake Rotorua buoy in the 3D model ELCOM-CAEDYM. Using this model he aimed to predict the behaviour of cyanobacteria blooms in response to changes in external nutrient loading and meteorological conditions.


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Journal, book, and conference publications

Zhang, C., Hamilton, D.P., Stewart, L.T., White, P. and Hakopa, W. 2008. Phytoplankton biomass and composition, and nutrient concentrations in Lake Taupo outflow.  Prepared for Puketapu Group. CBER.  School of Science and Engineering, The University of Waikato, Hamilton. (CBER Report 92)

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