Assoc. Prof. Hiroshi Yajima


Dept. of Management of Social Systems and Civil Engineering,Tottori University, Japan; Centre for Water Research, University of Western Australia.

Associate Professor Hiroshi Yajama from Japan has spent two months at the Dept of Biological Sciences of the University of Waikato, with Prof. David Hamilton as his host. He came to New Zealand under the New Zealand /Japan Scientist Exchange Programme. Hiroshi is an Associate Professor at Tottori University and Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at University of Western Australia.

Hiroshi's research interests are understanding of the behaviour of suspended fine particles in water bodies and the prediction of water quantity and quality in a reservoir with climate change. Using the modelling software, ELCOM-CAEDYM, he has worked closely with Mat Allan on his simulation of the suspended solids in Lake Ellesmere, with Kohji Muraoka on a destratification simulation for Lake Rotoehu and Konrad Górski on his ecological and hydrological simulation for Waikato River.



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