We are developing a resource here that specifically focuses on freshwater ecology with New Zealand examples and with view to the New Zealand senior school curriculum.

Lakes Rotorua and Rotoiti

Water quality in Lakes Rotorua and Rotoiti has been affected by landuse change. Native forest has been removed and wetlands drained to make way for farms and urban growth. As a means of restoring of Lake Rotoiti's water quality, a diversion wall has been placed at the end of the Ohau Channel to divert Lake Rotorua's water directly down Kaituna River. Click here to watch a movie of Lakes Rotorua and Rotoiti, you may want to hold your breath as it takes you for an underwater trip between the two lakes.

Freshwater Fish

New Zealand has both native and exotic fish species. Native species include longfin and shortfin eels, bullies and galaxiids such as koaro, kokopu and inanga. A large number of New Zealand native fish are diadromous which means they migrate between the ocean and freshwater systems. Find out more from the native freshwater fish fact sheets here. Many of the exotic species in New Zealand have become pests. They include koi carp, rudd, tench, goldfish, mosquitofish and perch. Click here to find out more about pest fish.